Mediation is not just for divorces.

I was speaking with someone at a networking event yesterday and he asked what I did.  I told him I was I was an attorney and mediator. I eventually asked him to keep me in mind if he ever needs my services.  He said he’s been happily married for 47 years and he hopes he never needs my services.  That comment really struck me.  I began thinking that he’s not the only one who thinks of mediation services solely in the context of a divorce or custody dispute.  Mediation can be used in many different kinds of disputes.  In my view, mediation works best when the people involved either want or need a continuing relationship, are seeking fairness, and/or are willing to be flexible.

Are you and your siblings in conflict over what to do about your aging parents or property that you share or jointly own?  Are you having a conflict with your neighbor(s)?  Do you have a problem with a customer or client that needs to be resolved?  I urge you to consider mediation or some other form of conflict resolution (i.e. collaborative law, etc.).

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