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On another collaborative note

I was exploring the website of CLANH and found these helpful resources and I wanted to provide a link to you.  Please take a look at the TOP TEN lists at http://collaborativelawnh.org/resources/

New Collaboration

Sorry for the blackout this summer.  I’ve been collaborating on a project with other Women’s Bar Association members to bring a presentation to middle and high schools in MA about teen dating violence and what legal resources are available to victims of dating violence.  This is an important topic that the New Hampshire Bar Association […]

Anger Meet Management

It’s hot outside, children are home for the summer (which can be frustrating), and tempers can be high both at work and at home, so I thought I’d share some tips for how you can manage your own anger and reduce conflict in your life. Take a breath and count to 10 before responding to […]

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

In most states certain professions, such as: social workers, teachers and other school personnel, health care workers (i.e. doctors, nurses, mental health professionals), child care providers, medical examiners, law enforcement officers, are required to report suspected child abuse/neglect to the appropriate authorities in that state. Some states, however, require ANY PERSON to report child abuse/neglect […]

Prayer in Public

You may have heard that yesterday the US Supreme Court rendered a decision in Town of Grees v. Galloway et al 12-696.  I’ve seen many headlines this morning (see list below).  I’ve also read the decision, which is 80 pages long and is linked here: www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/13pdf/12-696_4f57.pdf I urge you to at least read the summary […]


One of the hardest things to do for  many people is to “just listen”.  I mean really listen, not half listen, or hear their words while trying to figure out how to solve their problem.  When someone is talking, listen to the words they are saying and their body language then try to reflect back […]

MA Domestic Violence

The Jared Remy case has brought a spotlight to the issue of domestic violence in recent months here in Massachusetts, but there are cases throughout the Commonwealth and the country on a daily basis that get no publicity.  There are women that live in fear of their partner daily and if they leave an abusive […]

Up-skirt Photos

You may or may not have heard on the news in the last few weeks, but earlier this month, the SJC ruled that a man who was arrested for taking photos up women’s skirts on the MBTA was not committing a crime.  The way that the law was written did not include taking pictures of […]