I’ve always thought of fall as the start of a new year. The kids are back in school and people are focusing on things they’ve neglected all summer. Fall brings new opportunities for us all to make goals for ourselves whether we are in school or not. What is it that you’ve put off doing all summer? What is it that you need/want to get done before the holidays are upon us, weather turns, and the snow falls? Maybe you’ve been meaning to review your estate plan because it was done when your kids were in diapers. Maybe your younger siblings were in high school or college when your kids were born and at that time you felt your potential guardian pool should something happen to you and your spouse was limited to your parents. Chances are a lot has happened in the past 3-5 years or so. Your parents are getting older, your siblings or friends are more mature and maybe have families of their own. You should look at your estate planning documents and make sure that’s still what you want. Estate plans are something you should review periodically to make sure that is still your intent. If you look at it and find that it no longer meets your needs or you’re not sure if it does, please contact me. What, you don’t have an estate plan and you have minor children? It’s time to add planning to the top of that fall TO DO list!